About Us

About Us

We are an Engineer/Programmer/Artist and jack of all trades. I am a database programmer by day and a creative engineer by night. She is an artist, creater, and designer of all-things-that-make-you-happy.

We laser cut and engrave over 23 different materials, manufacturing and personalizing a large number of products.

We value establishing healthy and productive relationships with all of our customers. Our creativity, skill and attention to detail put us ahead of everyone else. Our company practices continuous improvement and a good balance of process automation. This leads to a pleasurable customer experience. We get excited by making beautiful treasures that we know will be adored for years to come.

We are in Salem, Oregon and have an amazing dog named Paco.  We make new connections every day and love to socialize and bring people together.  We value all of our satisfied customers so join our family and get excited with us about new products that we add daily.

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