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*One Nation Under God Patriotic Sign*

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*One Nation Under God Patriotic Sign* Celebrate the spirit of Independence Day with our meticulously crafted "One Nation Under God" sign. This stunning piece, with a 16-inch diameter, is laser-cut from high-quality plywood, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship. The background is made from sturdy 1 ¼ inch plywood, while the top layer, featuring vibrant red, white, and blue stripes with intricately inlaid white stars, is made from 1/8 inch plywood, embodying the essence of patriotism. Designed for display on your front door, it is lightweight at just 14 ounces, ensuring easy hanging. The elegant combination of colors and detailed design make it a perfect addition to your Fourth of July décor, highlighting your love for the nation with a touch of rustic charm.